iPhone X vs Canon 6D

I decided to put the factory standard iPhone X to the test by putting similar portraits shot on the Canon 6D side by side.

I went out with Callie to some hot springs to take these photos. Here's the video:

I lightly edited these photos in Adobe Lightroom. I tried to edit them as similarly as possible, but it's always hard matching color profiles from the RAW CR2 files from a Canon and the factory default JPEG files from the iPhone X.

Below, you'll see still frames from the video that show the side by side comparison of the lightly edited photos. It's a little gallery stack of images, so scroll through to enjoy!

So as you can see, the iPhone X has a quality that's actually good enough to be compared to a professional camera, but it just isn't quiet there yet. I know you could get better results if you got an app that allows you to shoot in RAW, as the iPhone does have RAW capabilities when paired with the correct app.

Below is a gallery of photos taken from this session, mostly on the Canon. Cheers!

Hope you all enjoyed! Check out Callie!